My Top Product picks for the Season


Green Clean

Farmacy beauty

I love this cleansing balm because its a quick thorough way to get rid of all your makeup. I use this everyday at night before my usual skin routine.


the rice polish deep


I have dry skin so I love a daily exfoliator, I love this one because of its texture. I love the rough feeling of a scrub and this one has that but also is gentle enough to keep my skin looking radiant and youthful. I use this one every night.


glow2oh dark spot toner


After the cleansing process of my routine I always use a toner, I love this one because as I've gotten older I've noticed lots of texture and dark spot changes in my skin. Since I've implemented this product into my skincare routine I notice it has helped even out my texture, brighten my skin and help soften the appearance of any dark spots. I use this product after cleansing only at night. 


emerald cbd moisture oil


I am a sucker for a good face oil and this one I absolutely love. Every night after I was my face I apply two to three drops to my hands and pat into my face and neck. It takes awhile to absorb into the skin but by the morning my skin looks hydrated and nourished.


banana bright eye cream


If there was one product I could pick out of my whole skincare routine to be a absolute must have it would be this one. Once I became a mom dark circles and dry under eyes is something I struggle with. This product has helped transform my undereye area. Matched with a good diet and proper sleep I use this religiously morning and night. I notice it has helped brighten my under eyes and hydrate them, it also helps my concealer go on smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


prism exfoliating glow serum


Every now and then I notice I will get little bumps of clogged pores, uneven texture, and my skin will look dull. When I notice this I will add this in place of my moisturizer at night. This product I feel helps to reveal a radiant glowing youthful skin tone. It gently exfoliates the skin to clear up any blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Not to mention it's plant based.


the dewy skin cream


Every morning after my eye masks and eye cream I had a dime size of this cream to my face. It's a great extra creamy moisturizer for dry dehydrated skin with a dewy finish. I would use this product very sparingly and I do not recommend if you have oily or combination skin.


re9 advanced prepwork gel eye masks


Every once in awhile I won't get the best nights sleep and the first place I notice any changes in my diet or sleep is in my eyes. And I've always been told that the first place you see aging is the under eye area. So my go to cure for a quick fix is this magical product, these gel eye masks give me that 10 hour well rested youthful healthy eye look. I like to add these first thing in morning while I enjoy my morning protein shake or coffee. You will thank me later with this one. 


glow stick sunscreen SPF 50


With all the glycolic and lactic acids in my skincare routine and just as an everyday must SPF sun protection is vital to perserving  your skin. I love this suncreen beacuse it adds an instant glow. It's great on its own or under your makeup.

836_DDB shape tape concealer_22N_light n


shape tape

The positive side of having and discovering a good skincare routine that works for your skin is you won't have to wear as much face makeup which I love. I am in love with the natural no makeup makeup look. But with dark circles being my problem area it has been difficult to find a product that covers without looking too cakey. This concealer is my holy grail it covers my dark circles, doesn't crease, and never looks cakey on me. I use this everyday without fail. Its great for the under eyes or to cover any blemishes.


highliner gel eye crayon eyeliner

Marc Jacobs beauty

This smooth easy to use eyeliner is my favorite for the summer, it's a great quick way to enhance the eyes without looking over done. I like to add a line to my upper lash line and at the bottom of the corner of my eyes and smudge it out. 


limitless lash mascara


I am always on a quest for the best mascara and when I decided to try this on it has quickly turned into one of my top favorites. I love it because it lengthens and separates. No one likes a clumpy spider lash. Great brush for the bottom lashes too. 


the multiple


This sheer cream blush is so pretty, its a quick way to add color to the cheeks, eyes, or lips. I've used this everyday since I got it. A great must have for your summer makeup routine.


kiss balm lip balm sweet cherry


I go crazy for a tinted chap stick, I kid you not I probably own one for every purse, bag, and room in my house including my car. This has been my go to for the season, it gives my lips the perfect natural shade of pink. Its great for an everyday lip color or a quick on the go shade. It moisturizes without being too glossy and goes great with every outfit.


prism exfoliating glow facial


I love this mask, I'm all about the scrubs and the itchy tingles because that's how I know it's working. This mask is great for a quick 10 min facial. I use this twice a month or as needed. I don't recommend this product if you don't like the itching feeling or have extremely sensitive skin.


retexturizing mask with rose clay


I alternate what masks I use according to my skins needs, and I love this one when my skin starts to look bumpy or starts to have a little more texture then I like. This clay formula is a great way to boost skins radiance and clean the pores.

Deathvalley dry shampoo


I don't wash my hair everyday so I always could use a good dry shampoo. I love this one in particular because naturally I have straight flat fine hair so I want all the volume I can get. Its a quick way to refresh the hair and leave it smelling good too.

curling iron

hot tools

For my length of hair I love this size curling iron, anything smaller gives me ringlets. This curling iron is a must have if you have hair longer than your shoulders. 


rose elixir

sexy hair

I am absolutely obsessed with this product. It's the perfect lightweight shine spray that you can also spray on your body. I bring it to the beach and spray the ends of my hair after I get out of the water, and also my collar bone. Not only does it add a healthy glow to your hair it does as well to your skin, not to mention smells super good too. Definite must have for the summer.

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